Easing into 2015…..

I have taken a really long break from blogging…..my trip home to Australia was sensational. 3 weeks back home was bliss! Its been a while since i have had that long with my family!

Arriving back to Zurich was a difficult transition…its freezing here and you rarely see the sun. Coming from Oz where its sunny almost all the time, i did find it tough.

It’s also difficult to get motivation to talk about flowers when there is nothing but snow on the ground. So, to begin my 2015….i am going to share some photos of my trip back home and then i promise some more blogs on gardening .-)

IMG_6577 IMG_6572 IMG_6462 IMG_6450 IMG_6386 IMG_6357 IMG_6354 IMG_6333 IMG_6330 IMG_6294 IMG_6273 IMG_6270 IMG_6267 IMG_6264 IMG_6242 IMG_6233 IMG_6231 IMG_6206 IMG_6149 IMG_3501 IMG_3462 IMG_3455 IMG_3440


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