What to do in the garden this month – November

Yesterday i thought that November might be turning out to be a really beautiful month, BUT today its freezing and raining. Only 5 degrees!! I thought i was actually prepared for Winter, but as i look through the window to my balcony from the warmth of my living room….ive changed my mind. My balcony looks sad….my daisies are still looking quite fresh and still flowering but everything else is not looking so good. November is that transition month where you need to prepare your outdoor areas for the winter ahead!! Which makes me think that i need to go and get some soil for some hyacinths and tulips i have! Here is what to do for November in the garden…..

Southern Hemisphere – Fertilise roses – Lightly prune natives – Sow seeds- Celosia, Zinnia, Cosmos, Zucchini and Pumpkins – Spray Azaleas for Azalea Lace Bug. Use Confidor. – Prepare your garden beds for the hot summer ahead. Use water storage crystals. They actually have a liquid form that is much better and absorbs better into your soil. I recommend this one, and then a good dose of mulch. – Fruit fly can be a problem in some areas. Now is the time to treat them.

Zinnias are a really hardy Spring annual

Zinnias are a really hardy Spring annual

Northern Hemisphere – Plant bulbs now. Especially tulips. – Deadhead Hydranges. – Mulch your garden well in preparation for the cold months and the snow. – Lift Dahlias, Begonias and Gladiolus if your garden is prone to freezing. – Brighten your balcony or front door with annuals. Such as violas, pansies, polyanthus and primulas. – Plant Hyacinths (but remember to bring them inside during the very cold months of Dec and Jan) – Start to plant bare rooted roses now. – Start raking!! – Prune pear and apple trees between now and February. – Remember to set your mower on a higher cut height for Winter. – Aerate your lawn. – Plant deciduous trees now.

Pumpkin shopping at the farm this week

Pumpkin shopping at the farm this week


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