Patrick Blanc vertical garden

Last weekend i headed off very early on Saturday morning for Milan. My week was fairly busy and part of me was wishing that i could sleep in and have a lazy day at home.

Then i thought to myself…snap out of it…you’re going to ITALY!!

Last time i visited was December, and there had been a huge dump of snow so it was freezing cold. Beautiful but freezing. This time the weather was beautiful and i couldnt wait to explore the city.

Unforunately it took an hour just to find an ATM, then get our train tickets and finally get to our hotel. Things in Italy, definitely dont work the same as Switzerland. It frustrates me…..because i am one of the most structured and organised people, but when in Italy i need to learn to relax and just go with the flow!

So after checking into our hotel we headed to the city and had lunch at Cafe Trussardi where there is an amazing green wall designed by the famous Patrick Blanc.

Patrick Blanc is a french botanist and creator of the green wall.

I am a huge fan of his work and i was so excited to be able to see some of his work in the flesh!

Blanc describes his green wall as:

On a load-bearing wall or structure is placed a metal frame that supports a PVC plate 10mm thick, on which are stapled two layers of polyamide felt each 3mm thick. These layers mimic cliff-growing mosses and support the roots of many plants. A network of pipes controlled by valves provides a nutrient solution containing dissolved minerals needed for plant growth. The felt is soaked by capillary action with this nutrient solution, which flows down the wall by gravity. The roots of the plants take up the nutrients they need, and excess water is collected at the bottom of the wall by a gutter, before being re-injected into the network of pipes: the system works in a closed circuit. Plants are chosen for their ability to grow in this type of environment’

So basically, Blancs theory is that plants don’t need soil to grow. He shows this with all of his green walls and how well they flourish….although i know that he has also had many failures.

A few photos of the green wall…..

The green wall from outside the cafe

The green wall from outside the cafe

Inside the cafe

Inside the cafe

Rooftop view

Rooftop view

Another shot from outside

Another shot from outside


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